Our pizza and Bread


A Little History

Bread is really what got us in to farming about 8 years ago. Thom had a vision of providing authentic Italian Bread and Pizza  for his family, and soon realized that the only way to do that would be for him to have a wood-fired brick oven (pictured on left). Needless to say, we enjoyed these breads and pizzas so much that we wanted to share them with the world, and that is what we now bring to you. 


Our Products

We currently sell a wide variety of bread products like Sourdough bread, Farmhouse and Farmhouse Cinnamon bread. We also make authentic Neapolitan pizzas (with imported Italian flour) and freeze them so you can buy them and use them at your convenience. All of our pizzas have an authentic, old-world taste as they are made in our Wood Fired Brick Oven.

Neapolitan Pizza

To make our authentic Neapolitan pizza we use Caputo 00 flour imported from Italy.  This is true Italian flour (Using a proprietary blend of the finest wheat from around the world.) used in the finest pizza restaurants throughout the world.  This all natural additive free flour creates a very soft and flavorful crust.  It is designed for Old World style wood fired brick ovens.    Using the finest ingredients gives our pizza a unique flavor.  We bake the pizzas at 900 degrees in our wood fired oven then flash freeze them.  Simply place your pizza into a 350 dgree oven for 5 to 10 minutes and enjoy the taste of Italy.

Fresh Milled Flour

For our sourdough breads we use a combination of organic flours.  We fresh mill our whole grain flour moments before we prepare our breads.  For a softer, more chewy crumb we add a percentage of organic Artisan flour.  We make a variety of combinations to suit your tastes.