pizza for your party

Here at Bethlehem Farm, we are always trying to find ways to bring our products to you. One of our most popular products are our Neapolitan Pizzas. We've always been asked if there was a way we could make them live at events. This is the answer.


The Mobile pizza buisness

How did we get here?

We first started making pizzas shortly after we came to Winchester 12 years ago. We built our first oven and started down a journey to make the best pizzas we possibly could. One thing that we always dreamed of doing was taking our pizzas and bringing them to the public, but we didn't have a mobile oven.

When we built our next oven, we had it put on a trailer so we could take it on the road with us. However, we were never able to do so due to the difficulties with wood-fired ovens. We began searching for an alternative that would give us the same wood-fired taste and look but without all the hassle. That's when we found Roccbox.

Roccbox ovens are gas-fired but designed to get above 900 degrees, the temperature needed for Neapolitan Pizzas to cook effectively. They are portable and easy to move, making them the perfect ovens for a mobile pizza buisness. These are the ovens we use for our on-site pizza truck.

Learn More

We are still in the developmental stages of our pizza truck but if you are interested in having Neapolitan pizza at your next event, contact us today and we will be happy to give you all the information you need about our business.