Chicken and Eggs


Our Meat Chickens

For our meat chickens we use the Freedom Ranger chicken which is  "imported from Burgundy and Brittany France, derived from an American and European heritage breed that was developed in the early 1960s to meet the high standards of the French Label Rouge Free Range program."  These birds are very active on pasture and are a tasty alternative to the

standard Cornish Cross bird used by the poultry industry.



Our rich, orange yolk, brown eggs are produced by our pasture raised Laying Hens.

They are collected and put into cartons to be sold. 

   We sell our eggs from our farm and our seasonal Farmers Market.



 We sell our whole chickens frozen as well as fresh.

We also sell them in parts such as legs, breasts and wings.

Along with their meat we sell their stock which is good for soup and is beneficial for your health in a verity of ways.


Our Free Range Thanksgiving Turkeys

Our Turkeys

We raise our Turkeys seasonally for Thanksgiving every year. We raise a limited number, so if our customers are interested we highly encourage them contact  us earlier in the season so that they can reserve their order and have a guarantee of getting their preferred Turkey.


You can contact us by email, phone, or even come visit our farm. We require a $35.00 deposit and sell our birds at $6.00 per pound.(Your deposit will then applied to the cost upon pick up)

Our Turkeys range from 15-25 pounds, we sell them fresh and frozen as well.


Their Diet

Our Turkeys enjoy a certified CHEMICAL FREE, NON-GMO, SOY-FREE diet, soy free and rich in whole grains, flax seed, alfalfa & kelp.

They are also pasture raised, foraging on plenty of green grass, clean water and are free from antibiotics and hormones.