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Pastured Poultry

We sell an array of Pastured Poultry all fed an ORGANIC soy free diet.  We sell Freedom Ranger Chickens for meat, pastured eggs and Turkeys for Thanksgiving.

Brick Oven Breads and Pizzas

We bake a variety of breads using Fresh Milled ORGANIC whole grain flour.  We also use our wood fired brick oven to produce pizzas, Granola and other creations.

Grass Fed and Finished Beef

We raise our beef on pasture and supplement their diet with ORGANIC sea Kelp for minerals.

Now taking orders for thanksgiving turkeys

Meet the morras

Why We Do What We Do

We are the Morra  Family.  We started Bethlehem Farm to provide our family a means for  purposeful work.  We also started the farm to eat the cleanest food  possible to impact our health and well being.  We are a Christian family  whose desire is to glorify God in all we do.  We raise our family, our  animals and all our food it the most "organic" way we know.  We  consistently strive to learn more each day to produce food in the manner  it was intended  We developed most of the bread and pizza recipes we  make.  We are motivated by some health challenges and a desire to live a  more simple life for the Glory of God 

In Loving Memory

On  August 2nd 2014 we lost our Dear Alison to breast cancer.  Thom lost a  faithful and loving wife while TJ and Rose lost their Mother and best  friend.  Alison was the motivation for starting the farm.  Her health  challenges caused us all to examine the many toxins in our food, what we  eat and how food can contribute to our health and well being.  This is  why we feed our animals the cleanest food we can.  Alison lived well  fighting her cancer and we believe our efforts paid off.  We have  decided to press on and continue our labors on the farm to feed others  who are looking for the best food possible for their families.  We look  forward to the day when we will be united again as a family in the new  heavens and on the new earth.  Until that time we will continue to labor  and remember Alison in all we do 

The Family

Meet the Parents:

Thom and Nancy

Meet the Kids;

TJ, Rose, Grace and Gabriel

Frequently Asked questions

Why do you choose to use Organic Feed for you Chickens and Turkeys and other organic ingredients in the products you make(including your breads and pizzas)?

 There are two primary reasons why we use organic soy free feed for our pastured poultry.  One reason is that organic feed is NON GMO  as required by law.  For anything to be labeled organic it can not be  genetically modified.  We are very concerned about Genetically Modified  foods and we want to make as sure as possible it does not end up in our  personal diets.  Secondly. being labeled organic also means the products  are grown with limited modern synthetic inputs such as synthetic  pesticides and chemical fertilizers.  Again we try to grow the cleanest  food we know how and organic labeling helps us insure we are using the  highest quality ingredients 

What is the difference between the Cornish Cross meat chicken (which is the standard in the meat industry) and a Freedom Ranger bird you grow?

 The  Freedom Ranger chicken is more of a heritage (traditional) chicken breed  which are slower to grow then the standard Cornish Cross.  The Freedom  Ranger chicken is adapted well to a more organic free range environment.  They are an active breed which we believe is a healthy alternative to the industry standard 

Why do you bake your breads and pizzas in a wood fired brick oven?

 Thom  was raised in an Italian family in Northern NJ.  He grew up on New York  style pizza and set out to share that authentic pizza taste and style  for his family.  He was striving for a way to do this when upon driving  home from vacation many years ago he saw a man baking pizzas in a wood  fired brick oven.  Long story short several weeks later that man and his  son were building our first Pompeii style wood fired brick oven (as  seen on our home page).  This oven allows us to bake our pizzas at 900  degrees which is necessary for the crust to crisp and the cheese to  melt.  We bake directly on the floor of our oven (both our pizzas and  breads) and that is one way we are able to get that old world taste and  style.  

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